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Patients and Staff Deserve Better


After nearly 100 years of service to the community, the Blue Mountains District Anzac Memorial Hospital in Katoomba has been left in a shocking state by the NSW Liberals and Nationals Government despite the hard work of the fabulous staff. Under the watch of Premier Dominic Perrottet and Health Minister Brad Hazzard, parts of our local hospital have been left to become so dilapidated that they have been deemed "uninhabitable."

That any hospital in 21st century Australia should be allowed to degrade so much is beyond scandalous, it is a symptom of a State Government addicted to neglecting our region.

Despite being the only major hospital between Sydney and the Central-West, the Blue Mountains District Hospital has:

  • No MRI services
  • Inadequate orthopaedic facilities
  • Inadequate rehabilitation facilities
  • No critical care unit
  • No intensive care unit (ICU)
  • No resources for 24/7 emergency surgery
  • Inadequate mental health facilities
  • Inadequate palliative care facilities

To top this all off, I am regularly contacted by staff at the Hospital who feel overworked, overstressed, and undervalued. Patients, staff, and the community as a whole deserve better.

It is high-time we saw some meaningful action on this from the State Government. If the current hospital cannot be adequately fixed, we also need to consider the prospect of building a new hospital in Katoomba to serve the people of the Blue Mountains.

Thousands of community members have already signed the online petition for a new Hospital at Katoomba. You can sign it by clicking here.

The current State Liberal Government committed to building a new Hospital for the Mountains in the leadup to the 2019 state election. It is concerning to see they have since gone silent on this proposal and no further work has taken place since. If the Government will not build a new Hospital, they need to figure out a way to fix the existing one. 

In February 2022, I spoke on the floor of NSW Parliament about the state of the hospital. You can read my speech here: Blue Mountains Electorate Hospitals