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We Need Certainty on the Highway


In the lead up to the 2019 state election, the NSW Liberals and Nationals committed to the full duplication of the Great Western Highway between Katoomba and Lithgow, including the building of a tunnel under the village of Blackheath to combat weekend congestion.


Three years on and our community still has not seen a business case, consultation has been woefully inadequate, and the full impacts of the Government's proposed changes to allow even bigger and longer trucks on the Highway have not been fully explained.


The NSW Liberals and Nationals need to step up and provide the Blue Mountains with certainty. We all want a solution to the traffic problems in the Upper Mountains, but our community doesn't need hoards of bigger, longer, heavier and noisier trucks polluting our towns and villages from Lapstone to Mount Victoria. 


With the news in late May 2022 that Infrastructure NSW has recommended putting the Blackheath/Mt. Victoria tunnel project on the backburner due to cost blowouts, we also need certainty that the Liberals and Nationals won't go back to their previously canvassed plans of compulsorily acquiring homes and businesses in our villages to widen the Highway. 


The NSW Government also needs to explain why it is pushing ahead with the surface duplication of the Highway from Katoomba to Blackheath (through Medlow Bath), and from Lithgow to Mt. Victoria (demolishing homes in Little Hartley in the process). With the tunnel project mothballed, this will only serve to dump traffic into two mega-bottlenecks at Blackheath and Mt. Victoria causing traffic chaos. 


We also need certainty that the Government will refrain from imposing tolls on Blue Mountains commuters in order to make up for the massive cost blowouts the project has incurred. The Liberals and Nationals made a solemn promise to never toll our community, and they need to keep their word.


You can have your say on the Highway by signing our petition here.


Download and print a copy of the petition and follow the instructions to return it via Reply Paid mail. Or, if you do not have a printer at home and would like us to mail one out to you, please fill out the form below.