Angus Olsen's daughter Jane was diagnosed with cancer at just two years old and bravely endured months of chemotherapy, procedures and hospitalisation. In order to help Jane understand her diagnosis and treatment, Angus began drawing pictures and cartoons. Over the course of Jane's treatment, Angus created over 20 books filled with illustrations that would go on to help young children understand aspects of their treatment like their scans or medical equipment. Angus was recently awarded the Local Hero at the 2024 NSW Australian of the Year awards, an achievement that acknowledges the selfless and important work he has done to help his daughter and thousands of families around the world. I offer him my hearty congratulations. Stories like Angus' are so important because they raise awareness and reassure people going through this that they are not alone. These books support children and their families and help others understand the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. I pay tribute to Angus; his wife, Rachel; Jane; and her sister Holly. I am honoured to recognise their journey as a family and the amazing work Angus has done. Check out his Facebook page I Draw Childhood Cancer.