11 February 2021

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains)—It is with great appreciation that I rise to recognise our Paramedics for their extraordinary efforts to support our communities. The strains and pressures placed on all of us have been exceedingly high throughout the crises of fires, flood and COVID-19, and particularly for the hardworking Paramedics of NSW. It is important that we acknowledge their unrelenting work, their skill, precision and capabilities. Paramedics are graduating from University but there are not enough positions. Despite our communities needing them, there aren't the jobs. Those that save our lives - when time is of the essence – do not have the workforce numbers to respond to critical calls. We MUST acknowledge that NSW has the second longest ambulance waiting time in the country. And this Government must do something about it. We need more Paramedics! It is a matter of anger and despair to me that in spite of life-saving work, Paramedics were forced to take on a wage cut in the middle of the worst health crisis in living memory. My deepest respect and thanks to those Paramedics from Katoomba and Springwood Ambulance stations. You are heroes – covering such a large geographical area and housed in archaic locations. You deserve better