09 November 2022

I acknowledge the wonderful work of Blue Mountains champion Peter Pigott in establishing the Yengo Reserve in Mount Wilson, a haven for a species of a small kangaroo-like mammal known as the parma wallaby. The breed was facing extinction until Peter decided to act. The parma wallaby was considered a pest in its native area of New Zealand, so Peter personally funded the transportation of 38 of these animals to his home in Mount Wilson, essentially saving the species. Over the years Peter has generously shared his time and efforts, and has personally funded the security of the reserve and the wellbeing of its inhabitants. He is an informed and caring individual, having spent his life savings on this project. Peter is now applying to the Biodiversity Conservation Trust for an agreement that will continue his legacy and keep these precious animals safe. This man's creation will leave an incredible mark on the world. I hope others will be encouraged to follow in his footsteps to keep safe not only the parma wallaby but also other vulnerable species that are facing extinction. I have been privileged to attend and assist Peter with feeding these gorgeous creatures. I thank Peter, who is a true legend.