10 May 2022

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains) (16:38): The Country Women's Association of NSW has recently celebrated its 100th year, a celebration that is testament to the incredible work of the organisation and its role in improving the lives of women and children in rural areas particularly. When communities face hardship, the CWA is there to offer support, to nurture and to display a show of solidarity that has the ability to inspire and change the lives of those facing the most extreme of challenges. Through fires, floods, pandemics and plagues, the organisation steps up as a beacon of hope when it can feel as though all hope is lost. I acknowledge the Blue Mountains branches of the CWA: Blackheath, Leura day and evening branches, and Glenbrook day and evening branches. I thank them for selflessly volunteering their time to others in our community and for their values of inclusivity, action and compassion. The CWA is a much‑respected pillar of our society—women supporting women, embracing diversity and committing to continuing the incredible legacy of the CWA for generations to come.