20 September 2023

Recently the Fellowship of Australian Writers Blue Mountains celebrated its fiftieth anniversary launch. This organisation has brought the community together to create connections, unleash creativity and share ideas. It has come a long way since its first meeting in 1973, when chaired by Walter Stone. Along the way it has published many amazing books, some of which champion native wildlife, such asNifty the Sugar Glider by Stella Sammon. Over the years the fellowship has also taught and inspired people to write, inviting inspirational and beloved authors such as Emily Rodda, Stephen Measday, Steve Hackett, Elizabeth Herschl, Beverley Earnshaw, Denis Kevans and David Bateson to tutor. Currently the fellowship is coordinated by award‑winning leaders Deborah Harris, Pat Allen and Jeanette Temesvary, who have managed to keep the organisation running during COVID‑19, giving people a much‑needed social and creative outlet during difficult times. The Fellowship of Australian Writers Blue Mountains is an organisation our community is proud to have in its midst. I sincerely congratulate it on its fiftieth anniversary.