03 August 2016

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains) (13:26): In late June I had the pleasure of attending a dinner with the staff of Hazelbrook Public School and many from surrounding schools. The dinner celebrated and acknowledged the dedication of three long-term teachers, all of whom have retired recently. The occasion honoured assistant principal Maree Cairns, and teachers Bruce Whiting and Ian Smith. Their combined teaching years total 98. That is an incredible accomplishment. I was invited to speak and formally present Department of Education medals to the retirees. As both a local member and former colleague it was an absolute pleasure to thank three outstanding educational leaders who have contributed so much to the lives of Hazelbrook's children and their families. In Education Week I celebrate Blue Mountains schools, as they are the foundation for a happy and healthy community. I take this opportunity to recognise the role of public education in this State and the importance of its dedicated, caring and skilled teachers.