21 October 2020

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains) (20:13:55): Completing year 12 and getting through all of the exams and assessments that come with sitting the HSC is a big challenge, but doing so in a year that started with bushfires, was followed by floods and then the outbreak of a global pandemic that has completely changed the way we live and work is really monumental. It is important that we acknowledge what students from the class of 2020 have gone through this year, as well as what they have missed out on. It has been difficult. Life has been uncertain. I acknowledge the students' support networks—their families, parents, carers and teachers. Completing the HSC is not a solo achievement. It often takes a village. This year it was a socially distanced, mask-wearing one with very clean hands. I wish year 12 students good luck as they sit their exams. I say to all students, families and teachers at Blue Mountains schools that we love you regardless of the results. I say take a deep breath and know that whilst attaining the HSC is a remarkable achievement, the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank does not define a person. There is life beyond. I wish the students all the best.