13 September 2023

I will take every opportunity I can to stand up in this place and acknowledge our State's hardworking teachers. Today I will talk about Leura Public School teacher Jacqui Thompson. Jacqui recently received a Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence—an achievement that speaks volumes about her as an outstanding educator. The commemorative booklet at the ceremony described Jacqui as a "collaborative, compassionate and professional" teacher and commented that "to work with Jacqui is to be inspired". These are well-deserved observations about a woman who has tirelessly dedicated herself to her profession and the students in her care. Teaching, whilst undeniably a noble vocation, is tough at times. A changing landscape of professional and community expectations can be challenging to navigate, and we must acknowledge those in the education sector who stay and, year after year, deliver outcomes for our children that support their lifelong learning. I know that the Leura Public School community will join me in extending our heartfelt appreciation to Jacqui and in expressing our immense gratitude that our local students reap the benefits of her expertise and guidance.