10 November 2021

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains)—Katoomba High School Principal Jenny Boyall is one of just three Principals in the public education system across Australia, to be awarded the prestigious Harvard Principals' Scholarship for outstanding leadership. Jenny became Principal at Katoomba High in 2013, and with the same leadership team, has turned around community perception of the school. When she arrived, there were 520 students enrolled, and in 2021, this has almost doubled to 970 students. She leads a group of staff, students and their families, who are proud to be involved in the Katoomba High community. The scholarship recognises Jenny's innovation and the key role she has played in helping her school community thrive in the most challenging of circumstances. The award will also enable her to build on and share more widely, her leadership insights and skills. Jenny is one of the most professional, empathic and inspiring leaders in education that I have met, and I wholeheartedly congratulate her on receiving this prestigious scholarship. With great honour, I supported the application! Her positive character, work ethic and commitment to the values of public education is an incredibly valuable asset to our Blue Mountains community. Thank you and congratulations, Jennifer Boyall.