16 September 2020

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains) (20:34:51): It is with pleasure that I acknowledge a constituent from my electorate the Blue Mountains, Mr John O'Sullivan. He has worked for and with our local community his entire life. John has worked in a range of community organisations, including as the founder of the Associated Sports Australia Trust and leading the Blue Wave re-enactment team. His extensive community involvement led to him receiving the NSW Government Community Service Award in 2013. Mr O'Sullivan has been a much‑loved lollipop man in the Blue Mountains at Faulconbridge Primary School, where he has been keeping our residents safe—rain, hail or shine. I am not sure how many people in this place know the Blue Mountains well, but it is a place where everyone chips in and lends a hand to their neighbours. I cannot think of too many people who embody this spirit to the same level as John. On behalf of the people of New South Wales and on behalf of my community in the Blue Mountains, I congratulate John and I thank him for his ongoing contribution to the mountains. "I have a passion for life and people, for giving and for leaving a meaningful legacy for the children of the future," he said. You certainly do, John. Thank you.