16 March 2016

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains): I had the very great pleasure of opening the MAPSPACE exhibition on Friday 11 March 2016. Curated by Modern Art Projects [MAP] in collaboration with the Blue Mountains City Art Gallery—our cultural centre—MAPSPACE features a series of artworks at the nexus of art and architecture created by contemporary artists residing in the Blue Mountains and the Central West. So many incredible exhibitors are featured in this dynamic synthesis of design, architecture and contemporary artistic practice that it is nationally and internationally recognised.

This exhibition takes advantage of the cultural assets of the Blue Mountains including the many unique private homes and public buildings. MAP events are accessible and not as intimidating as some gallery spaces can be to the uninitiated. MAP runs its program annually on a small amount of funding from Blue Mountains City Council's City of the Arts Trust. The continued migration of artists from the city to the west has resulted in a growing community of contemporary artists, but this is not reflected in funding to the west. Such inequity in grants funding must change. I thank Blue Mountains City Council Director Paul Brinkman, Sabrina Roesner and the team. I particularly acknowledge and extend my congratulations to Sarah Keighery and Dr Billy Gruner.