21 June 2022

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains) (18:17): I acknowledge the members of the Mount Tomah Rural Fire Brigade. It is the season of annual general meetings for the Rural Fire Service. I have been restrained from attending many of the AGMs and thanking our RFS members for their commitment and hard work in protecting our communities due to a bout of pneumonia, but on Saturday I went to the very fringe of the Blue Mountains to visit the Mount Tomah brigade. They often feel quite forgotten out there in the middle of nowhere, and many of them are still struggling with the aftermath of the 2019‑20 fires. I was very pleased, along with the fantastic Federal member Susan Templeman, to present members of the Mount Tomah brigade with the National Emergency Medal for their efforts during the 2019‑20 fire seasons. On behalf of the Blue Mountains community, I thank Mount Tomah RFS.