10 November 2021

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains)—Congratulations to Blue Mountains father Peter Frazer for 10 years of road safety campaigning. Peter recently received the Australasian College of Road of Road Safety Fellowship award for his outstanding road safety advocacy over the past decade. Peter started the SARAH Group – which stands for Safer Australian Roads and Highways – after his 23-year-old daughter Sarah tragically died in a road accident in February 2012. She had broken down on the Hume Highway and pulled over in the breakdown lane. Both Sarah, and a tow truck driver who came to her aid, were killed when a passing truck hit them. Peter has campaigned tirelessly for improvements to road safety ever since. The SARAH group organises the annual National Road Safety Week in Australia, and their advocacy was instrumental in establishing the Sarah's Rule legislation, which enhances the safety of roadside workers such as emergency service workers, tow truck drivers and breakdown assistance workers. Under this legislation, motorists must slow down when passing emergency vehicles or those who have broken down. Thank you Peter, for your continued positivity and warmth, despite the loss you feel acutely every day, and for all that you do to help make our roads safer.