23 February 2022

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains) (16:32): Today I celebrate a woman in my electorate named Robin Murray. Robin is nothing short of remarkable. In her work with the Knitting Nannas, Robin continues to be an incredible advocate for our environment and the vulnerable species that inhabit it. She has also been involved in campaigns calling for better care and services in our aged-care system. Everything about Robin tells us a little more about the type of person she is—compassionate and caring, and someone who is brave enough to stand up and speak out for the most vulnerable amongst us. Robin has been reaching out to my office for years now and in that time my team and I have enjoyed the opportunities we have had to engage with her. She is thoughtful, intelligent, insightful and good humoured. Some of the issues Robin stands up for are difficult ones and it would be easy to lose heart, but Robin never does. She keeps going and keeps fighting, fuelled by an underlying belief that there is always hope. Robin is an inspiration to us all. I thank her for all she does and for her big smile.