12 May 2022

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains) (15:59): Lynda Phillips is a prominent, kind and helpful member of the Blue Mountains community. She has been teaching animal care and horseriding for over 40 years. Lynda has been coaching at various pony clubs since the age of 17 and she is now an accredited coach with Equestrian Australia. She attentively helps to rehabilitate and assist with the recovery of her animals and is currently caring for six horses of all ages. Before COVID‑19 Lynda offered her beautiful property and its facilities to give young people an opportunity to work safely around and volunteer to care for her horses. I thank Lynda for her compassionate work and for her instrumental role in maintaining a tight‑knit community of young equestrians. She is very passionate about teaching others awareness of equine welfare. I also congratulate Lynda on her recent Blue Mountains City Council Seniors Week Recognition Award.