14 October 2021

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains)—Outside of our Health professionals, Emergency Service personnel and Teachers, there is another group of people who I call unsung heroes – the people who work in the community sector. These committed and passionate workers – both paid and volunteer - underpin our communities every day, supporting those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged. They are there in times of emergency and they have been there for almost two years during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regarded as essential workers, all work tirelessly to provide emergency relief, information and referral, health and other support serviCes to those who need it most. In the Blue Mountains these organisations include: Belong Blue Mountains Community and Neighbourhood ServiCes; Springwood Neighbourhood Centre; Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre; Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre; Connect, Thrive and Gateway Family ServiCes; MOCS - Mountains Outreach Community Service; Blue Mountains Women's Health Centre; Elizabeth Evatt Community Legal Centre; Blue Mountains Food ServiCes; LinkWentworth Community Housing; Blue Mountains Aboriginal Culture and Resource Centre; MYST - Mountains Youth ServiCes Team; Headspace Katoomba; Platform Youth ServiCes; Mountains Community Resource Network; Dare Disability Support; Western Sydney Community Forum; and the State neighbourhood centre peak body, the Local Community ServiCes Association. Unsung heroes indeed. I applaud you all.