05 May 2016

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains): I acknowledge Norm and Laurel Harris, who have lived in the Blue Mountains since 1992. Prior to retiring, Laurel was an associate dean in the Faculty of Nursing at Sydney University. Norm had enjoyed a successful career with Westpac and prior to retiring was a project manager. They have dedicated their life to environmental causes, and were key members of Gordon Falls Bushcare. Familiar figures at Gordon Falls, they could often be found weeding, planting and mowing the reserve, much to the delight of other Leura residents and visitors. Visitors to the site will note the mountain giants—the eucalyptus oriades—planted by Laurel. Eucalyptus oriades or mountain ash forests dominated much of the Katoomba-Leura area, but unfortunately only remnants now remain. Laurel's planting is a significant contribution to their sustainability. Norm's passion for the environment is demonstrated by his vision to complete stage one of the Grand Cliff Top Walk from Wentworth Falls to the Marked Tree in Katoomba. I congratulate these two remarkable seniors.