11 June 2021


Member for Blue Mountains

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services



With the colder temperatures now upon us, Blue Mountains MP Trish Doyle is strongly urging the community to stay safe this winter by checking they have a working smoke alarm.


There is a 10 per cent increase in the number of residential fires this time of year with more fires in bedrooms and loungerooms due to heaters, electric blankets and overloaded power boards.


In 2020, Fire and Rescue NSW attended 3740 residential house fires. This year, it has already attended more than 1500 residential house fires. Of these, seven have been preventable fatalities.


Ms Doyle said residents should take every precaution necessary to try and avoid a fire in their home this winter. 


“A fire can take hold in a matter of minutes. I encourage everyone to heed the advice of firefighters to ensure that their homes are fire safe this winter.”


“While Fire and Rescue NSW do an incredible job in protecting our community we can all do our bit to minimise the risks in our home.”


FRNSW Commissioner Paul Baxter said it was vitally important for people not only to have a working smoke alarm in their home but also to test it regularly. 


He added that every year, approximately 20 people die in NSW from fires that could have been prevented. Each of these deaths is a tragic loss for families, friends and the wider community.


Ms Doyle encourages us all to heed the following directives from FRNSW:

  • keep looking when cooking
  • don’t overload power boards
  • keep everything a metre from the heater
  • never use wheat bags to warm your bed
  • check electric blankets for frayed cords and other damage
  • don’t use outdoor heating and cooking equipment inside the home as it can be fatal
  • have a Home Escape Plan


“Most importantly if a fire does occur” Ms Doyle said “get out, stay out and call Triple Zero. And for those of you who don’t have smoke alarms installed in your home, I cannot urge you strongly enough to make this a priority. Please take this vital step towards keeping your loved ones safe.”


For more information about home fire safety, visit www.fire.nsw.gov.au/winter