17 November 2016

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains) (17:46): Merry Christmas and thank you to all. I will begin by honouring all those who work in and around this place. Many before me have properly and sincerely thanked Government and Opposition members and Ministers, and the leaders of various parties, Madam Speaker, Temporary Speakers, the Leader of the House, and Government and Opposition Whips. I also thank all of my colleagues. Today, when thinking about wanting to convey a Christmas message and a message of thanks, I spoke to a number of people who work quietly behind the scenes about their colleagues who make them smile.

I acknowledge those who enable this place to tick over day after day, those who make us smile, and those who work behind the scenes and are not named. They all go about their work with a positive and helpful attitude. We see our smiling Clerk team when we come into this place. To Helen and the fabulous team—Leslie, Rachel, Catherine and Carly—thank you. Sometimes when it is crazy, it is nice to look over and see a beautiful bright yellow pair of heels. Cheryl has a serious job and handles serious situations on a daily basis. I like her sense of cheekiness. I like to see smiles and eyes rolling. It grounds us all and reminds us that we are all human. Thank you.

I thank Rohan Tyler and the research and training team, and Simon Johnston from the Committees and Corporate Services teams. I thank too all our fabulous Legislative Assembly reception staff and attendants. I arrive here, the Blue Mountains bag lady, each time Parliament sits with various satchels of folders and information— whatever I might need for the week—and I appreciate the friendly smiles of April, Lynne, Danny, Peter and Chris, to name a few. Young Tom has just started; I always get the biggest grin from him. People may not know that many years ago Tom came into the office of former member for Blue Mountains Phil Koperberg and asked whether he could do work experience. He worked alongside me and showed an interesting fascination with Parliament and its workings that I never quite understood at the time. Who would have thunk it we would both be here one day? So thanks to young Tom too. Danny, I am going to single you out. You make me laugh when sometimes I might cry.

TEMPORARY SPEAKER (Ms Anna Watson): The question is that Danny gets a pay rise.

Ms TRISH DOYLE: Aye. When I am absolutely parched and think I cannot last another minute in this place Danny appears with another jug of water and a joke—quietly; he does not disrupt proceedings. I wanted to single him out. I enjoy arriving in this place and seeing such a good human being looking after us. Danny, you are an absolute champion. Happy Christmas to you. I hope you get a good rest. You deserve it. Joe Andrade, Jodi and the family are well known to me. When I first came to this place I would often stop and ask Joe how he was going, and he would answer me in tears. I know how hard it is to rebuild. I wish him well.

I thank the Library staff, and Lisa and the Hansard team. It was the Hansard team that was first mentioned to me as the A team. I was told to make sure they always give you a nod to acknowledge your efforts. But sometimes their efforts are better than any of us can ever make, so thank you, Hansard. I thank Natasha and the team in the Table Office; our IT team; the Building Services and maintenance team, particularly Phil Herman, who is Mr Fix-it; the special constables and the security team; Phil, Carlos and the dining room team, especially the smiling Mai and Charlotte; and our human resources team. It is the helpful and cheery people such as Pam and Cherry who make your day.

I thank our cleaners extraordinaire. I made a cup of tea for my cleaner, Lourdes, one day on level 10. I told her I would clean up and she should just have a cup of tea. She laughed to the point that tears ran down her face. I think she was having a particularly hard time. I thank Lourdes and Erma on level 10; Gary Tay, who always has a great smile; Selma on level 12; Dave, the friendly carpenter; the Cafe Quorum team, Lubo, Mark, Gavin and Andrew; Gary and the staff bar team; and our DPS clan in the west wing—there has to be a television program made about them.

Two of my favourite people in this place are Lee Bellia and Colleen Symington; I love you two. You keep us kicking over. As many have expressed in this place, thank you for your service to the State of New South Wales, the Parliament of New South Wales, and members and staff in this place. Thank you for making our work possible. At the end of the year, and in the festive spirit, I express appreciation to all public servants across the State who are delivering services—in our schools, community services, hospitals, police and emergency services. and government departments—in the Blue Mountains and across the State. Finally, I give my heartfelt thanks to my fabulous, dedicated, hardworking staff. I feel at times we are a team of brilliance. Thank you Suzie, Tom, Camille, Annie and Miles. And to my beautiful, loving boys, I will see you tomorrow. You make me proud every day. See you all next year. Merry, merry Christmas.