18 November 2020

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains) (21:32:28): I lead for the Labor Opposition on the Stronger Communities Legislation Amendment (Domestic Violence) Bill 2020. The Labor Opposition accepts the Legislative Council's amendments and supports its resolutions. I take a moment to acknowledge those who work in the domestic violence sector—many of them my stakeholders. As the Minister noted, they are champion advocates. I noted them in my previous speech in this place but I will do so again. I acknowledge the team at Domestic Violence NSW, Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia, Women's Safety NSW, the Women's Legal Service NSW and all of our community legal centres. I also acknowledge the Minister's staff, Department of Communities and Justice staff and my colleagues here and in the other place. It is the aim across the political spectrum that we strengthen laws around the prevention of domestic violence. I particularly acknowledge all of those who work on the ground in services, who feel that still they are underfunded and under‑resourced. They work at or beyond capacity every day, but they are committed to saving lives, and they do. They make a difference. As I have always said about this issue, this is political, this is professional, and for me it is deeply personal. For all those victim‑survivors and those who are no longer with us, this is for them.