20 October 2016

Ms TRISH DOYLE (Blue Mountains) (12:34): Yet again a Government backbencher comes into the Chamber and seeks to ingratiate himself with the Premier by indulging in mindless backslapping in the form of this motion. The member for Riverstone is having a laugh with this motion, and so he should be because it is a joke. The Baird-Grant Government has an infrastructure program that is in tatters. WestConnex is a white elephant, the north-west metro will blow out by billions of dollars, and the Parramatta Light Rail has been slammed for having a poor cost-benefit ratio, which is bureaucrat lingo for a waste of money.

The member for Riverstone is welcome to visit the Blue Mountains electorate at any time and see the wonderful record of Labor investment in infrastructure. Labor widened the highway from Springwood to Katoomba. It was built for the people of the Blue Mountains and the Central West and, unlike this Government, Labor did not whack a toll on it at the first opportunity. The failed WestConnex project is a money-grabbing exercise and motorists in Western Sydney are the victims. The toll gantries were the first thing completed on WestConnex. That is where the priorities of this Government lie—in robbing the people of New South Wales. It is $8 each way for the privilege of going to work every day.

People go to work, their wages have flatlined and they have been downgraded from full-time positions to part-time positions. The cost of living is soaring and it is impossible to buy a home. That is the legacy of this Government, a legacy of failure and empty political spin. Government members are rabble and the member for Riverstone is complicit in the waste, mismanagement and incompetence. The member should be ashamed. Every day Government members are wasting time in this place slapping each other on the back while failing to get the basics right.

Yesterday I spoke in the Chamber about the width of the new trains. It is boring me to death, but it beggars belief that the Baird Government is buying trains that are 20 centimetres too wide for the tracks in the Blue Mountains. The trains do not fit the tracks. It would make me sick with anger if it were not so funny. That sums up the Baird Government from start to finish. It is a joke, and it is making the people of New South Wales the punchline. The people of Western Sydney deserve better than this. They deserve better than a transport Minister who does not know how wide his trains are. They deserve better than a Minister for Western Sydney who lives in Manly.

They deserve access to the quality education of which this Government has robbed them. They deserve an opportunity to work on big projects such as train manufacturing, but those jobs are being sent offshore to South Korea. Perhaps they should build the new trains in Lithgow in the Central West; that way they could quickly check for size. That is more homework than the incompetent Minister for Transport has bothered to do. This motion should be laughed out of the Chamber for the joke that it is, and the member for Riverstone should take himself off and speak to the many thousands of concerned Western Sydney residents who do not want to pay sky‑high tolls on a road they already own. This hopeless Government could not run a bath, much less the State of New South Wales. The Government should be laughed out of office because nowadays it is nothing but a sick joke at the expense of the taxpayers of New South Wales.